Allemagne 2 - Everyday between the fronts
Allemagne 2 - Everyday between the fronts
Samedi 1 mai à 17h au Petit Théâtre Marcelis
Samedi 8 mai à 22h30 au Vendôme I

Comment vivre au quotidien dans un état de censure et de répression ? Grâce à une dose certaine de cynisme et d’imagination.

Barfuss und ohne Hut / Barefoot and hatless
Jürgen Böttcher


1964 – 26'

A group of young people spend the summer of 1964 in Prerow on the Baltic Sea.
Die Lösung / The Solution

Sieglinde Hamacher


1987 – 3'

A flock of birds on a telephone wire under the supervision of a head bird. But the smallest of the birds steps out of the line.
Ein-Blick / In-Sight

Gerd Conradt



A historical film with a children's song: One day at the border that separated East and West-Berlin. Twelve hours German/German everyday life of insanity in quick motion.


Inselwitz / Island Joke

Lutz Stützner


1990 – 2'

Timeless satire of culturally influenced attitudes: three people are shipwrecked on an island.
Nur ein Viertelstündchen / Just Quarter Of An Hour
Heinz Müller


1964 – 18'

Original blurb from 1964: "With graciousness and humour the film acknowledges that the GDR has come a considerable way during its 15 years of existence."
Eine Liebesgeschichte - Das Stacheltier / A Love Story - The Hedgehog
Richard Groschopp


1953 – 6'

An author presents his new novel but he has left out themes such as youth movements, equality and collective solidarity. He'll just have to rework it.

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